Music Commands


Play a song of your choice!

Usage: .play <song name or song link>

You can play any song with a valid youtube/soundcloud/mp3/mp4 link


Add a playlist you like

Usage: .playlist <playlist url>

NOTE: Only youtube playlists are supported


Skips the current song


Set the volume of the bot

Usage: .play <volume %(max 100)>


Skip to the song of your choice

Usage: .skipto <queue number of song>


Stops the queue


Pauses the music


Resumes the music


Shuffles the queue


Removes the song

Usage: .remove <queue number of song>


Searches for a song on youtube

Usage: .search <query>


Shows the song playing now


Shows the queue


Gives you the lyrics for the song

Usage: .lyrics or .lyrics <song name>


Keeps the chat clean


Plays Hindi Radio

Source: Radio Source

Moderation Commands


Softbans the member

Usage: .softban <user> <reason>


Bans the provided user

Usage: .ban <user> <reason>


Kicks the provided user

Usage: .kick <user> <optional reason>


Unbans the member

Usage: .unban <user>


Nukes the channel

Usage: .nuke <channel>

NOTE: If channel is not provided, it will nuke the current channel.


Puts slowmode for the desired channel

Usage: .slowmode <time>


Sends transcript for the last 100 messages in the current channel


Warns the member

Usage: .warn <user> <reason>


Shows the warn logs for the user

Usage: .warnlogs <user>


Deletes warning for the user

Usage: .delwarn <user> <warn-id>


Mute the member

Usage: .mute <user> <time(m,h,d)>


Adds an emoji for the server

Usage: .emoji <image link> <emoji name>


Sets up autorole for the server

Usage: .autorole <enable/disable> <role id/mention>

Chat Commands


Set the channel for the chatbot (AI Chatting)

Usage: .chatid <channel>

Fun Commands


Sends a meme in the channel

Usage: .meme


Ask a question with the magic 8ball

Usage: .8ball <question>

NOTE: In case the api doesn't sends any response, the bot will return an error in the channel


Spawn a pokemon in the channel and guess it's name


Rates the user

Usage: .rate <user>


Sends simp percentage of the user

Usage: .simp <user>


Roasts the user

Usage: .roast <user>


Rolls the dice

Usage: .roll


Reverses the message sent

Usage: .reverse <message>


Jails the user

Usage: .jail <user>


User was the impostor...

Usage: .impostor <user>


Insults the user

Usage: .insult <user>


Sends an invite for the bot

Usage: .invite


Returns the ping of the bot

Usage: .ping


Trigger the user

Usage: .trigger <user>


Sends leaderboard for the server


Start an Akinator/Guessing Game!

Economy Commands


Shows balance for the user

Usage: .bal <user>


Work for earning some money


Claim those daily points

Ranking Commands


Shows the rank of the user with an image!

Usage: .rank <user>


Sets Levelling system to enabled to disabled

Usage: .xpset <enable or disable>

Scientific/Math Commands


Search for an element in the periodic table

Usage: .periodic <Element Symbol, Name or Atomic Number>